Weijie Lyu

I am a first year EECS Ph.D. student at University of California, Merced, advised by Prof. Ming-Hsuan Yang.

I obtained my Master of Science in Computer Science degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, advised by Prof. Derek Hoiem. I was also fortunate to work with Prof. Bo Li.

I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering degree from ShanghaiTech University, majoring in Computer Science and Technology. I spent my junior year as a visiting student and undergraduate researcher at University of California, Berkeley.

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[May 2024] Join Adobe Research as a research intern.

[Apr. 2024] Check out Gaga, our method on 3D open-world segmentation with Gaussian Splatting.

[Feb. 2024] PTT is accepted by CVPR 2024. See you in Seattle!

[Aug. 2023] Start my Ph.D. study at University of California, Merced.

Research Interests

My research interests mainly lie in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. The goal of my research is to explore how AI perceives the world and how to enhance this ability, drawing inspiration from human intelligence.

I am currently focused on 3D Novel View Synthesis via Gaussian Splatting. Previously, I have worked on Continual Learning, Autonomous Driving, Image Generation, Robotics, etc.

Gaga: Group Any Gaussians via 3D-aware Memory Bank
Weijie Lyu, Xueting Li, Abhijit Kundu, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Ming-Hsuan Yang
Under Review 2024
Project Page / arXiv / GitHub
PTT: Point-Trajectory Transformer for Efficient Temporal 3D Object Detection
Kuan-Chih Huang, Weijie Lyu, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Yi-Hsuan Tsai
CVPR 2024
arXiv / GitHub
Continual Learning in Open-vocabulary Classification with Complementary Memory Systems
Zhen Zhu*, Weijie Lyu*, Yao Xiao, Derek Hoiem
Under Review 2024
arXiv / GitHub
Consistent Multimodal Generation via A Unified GAN Framework
Zhen Zhu, Yijun Li, Weijie Lyu, Krishna Kumar Singh, Zhixin Shu, Sören Pirk, Derek Hoiem
WACV 2024
Paper / arXiv / GitHub
SafeBench: A Benchmarking Platform for Safety Evaluation of Autonomous Vehicles
Chejian Xu*, Wenhao Ding*, Weijie Lyu, Zuxin Liu, Shuai Wang, Yihan He, Hanjiang Hu, Ding Zhao, Bo Li
NeurIPS 2022
Project Page / Paper / arXiv / Poster / GitHub
CircuitBot: Learning to Survive with Robotic Circuit Drawing
Xianglong Tan, Weijie Lyu, Andre Rosendo

CSE 019 Introduction to Computing, Spring 2024

CSE 158 Introduction to Computer Vision, Fall 2023

CS 441 Applied Machine Learning, Spring 2023

CS 100 Computer Science Orientation, Fall 2022

CS 150 Database and Data Mining, Fall 2020


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